Irish Times, Friday, April 14th, 2017

I denied myself three times. I stood at the altar, denounced their image of Satan and promised to raise my godchildren in the Catholic faith.

These were three lies. Like many of my friends who have gone through the same charade, I lied because I loved those children and their parents and knew that what I was really promising was to be a good person and source of support for that child. I lied because everyone around me expected me to lie.

Roisin: TG4 Thursday, March 16th 2017

Rev. Karen Dempsey- The Bald Priestess le Tuairim na Seachtaine anocht ar Róisín – TG4

Irish Times, Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Mourners gather for funeral of director killed in Turkey, Stage numbers and tributes to John Donnelly shape celebration of artist’s life

The Tubridy Show, RTE Radio 1, September 22nd 2015

Irish Hospice Foundation eHospice Magazine, August 2015

Interfaith Funeral Celebrant Karen Dempsey looks at the changing face of funerals in Ireland. It sounds funny now, but it’s not so long ago that those rings on our fingers were inextricably linked to the tags on our toes. In years gone by our choice of life partner came with the added bonus of a family plot, and whether we liked it or not, we faced the prospect of spending all eternities with the in-laws…, Thursday, November 21st 2014

We’ve all had bad hair days but Karen Dempsey from Dublin would give anything to worry about something as trivial as lacklustre locks or visibly grey roots. This evening on RTé Two, the 35-year-old psychotherapist will tell the story of how she started losing hair nine years ago and what began as the thinning of her eyelashes continued to the stage where she has no hair whatsoever.
Her condition (which affects around 1.7pc of the population) is known as alopecia and, although the mother of one had no warning, related illness or genetic reason for losing her hair, she is now completely bald…

The Last Word with Matt Cooper, Today FM, Thursday November 28th 2013

Rocking the Bald – living with Alopecia
Show: The Last Word with Matt Cooper
Karen Dempsey tells Matt about developing alopecia and how it has changed her life

Herald Lifestyle, Tuesday, November 5th 2013

Many an unwanted encounter has taken place after one too many and while regular drinkers know this is a potential side-effect of a big night out, few are reluctant to meet someone new without an alcoholic crutch.

We spoke to two women who regularly socialise without the aid of a drink and who not only find it quite possible to engage with others, but actually find it liberating.

Cathy O’Brien (37) lives in Naas, Co Kildare, where she works as manager of the Naas Sports Centre. She doesn’t drink alcohol at all and although she has sometimes found this to be a barrier when socialising, she believes that relationships based on alcohol are less meaningful than those that aren’t.

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